We help freelancers find the right work.

MyStaffNow is a community that respects your unique skills and expertise. Our exclusive platform helps top independent professionals find work, get paid, market themselves, share knowledge, and live the freelance work style.

  • Do Great Work with Great Clients

    Create a robust profile and story to attract clients to you, or actively match for companies and opportunities you’re interested in, and even share your thought leadership on our Knowledge Center.

  • No hassle payment

    Tired of having to sign contracts and NDA’s, chase overdue invoices, and manage all your administrative work? MyStaffNow does it all for you, including guaranteeing you’ll get paid for the work you do.

  • The Best Professionals

    Every member of the Talent Network is personally vetted for skills and experience and only 20% of applicants are accepted, so being here is a badge of honor.

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